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KERAMETAL was founded in 1970 as a company for foreign trade. The founding shareholders were significant state enterprises from the fields of black metallurgy and metallurgy of non-ferrous metals, the magnesite, aluminium, and engineering industries, and banks. From the beginning, the company concentrated on the purchase and sale of raw materials and semi-finished goods, mainly for the requirements of metallurgy and engineering; in a number of commodities. The company was the dominant supplier of Czechoslovak metallurgical and engineering companies. Throughout its existence, the company has managed a wide network of trade and economic relations with both domestic and foreign entities.

The process of transformation and privatisation introduced after 1990 did not influence KERAMETAL. The structure of owners was partially altered and most of them were transformed and privatizated. Fundamental changes in trade and economic conditions, production restructuring of customers and suppliers, were the reason, that the economic period after 1990 was very complex for the company. The concentrated efforts of the KERAMETAL within the newly created conditions not only kept up them, but were also always a step ahead of the competition. This is only possible through maintaining fundamental competitive advantages, such as a well-developed network of partner relations, qualified human potential, and the existence of ones own manufacturing and technical background. These basic attributes have been primarily developed over the preceding period.

Changes in the economic climate have also been reflected in internal company organisation. At present, the crux of the company is formed by two commercial divisions, specialising in the field of military technology, and in the fields of metallurgy, non-metallic raw materials and goods, and engineering production. They are supported by the Financial Division, and the Development Group. The company currently has 48 employees.

The long-term aim of the company for the future is the effective fulfilment of its basic motto: KERAMETAL means tradition, proficiency, reliability.

Basic data

Commercial name: KERAMETAL, s.r.o.

Location: Jašíkova 2, 826 05 Bratislava
Company ID No: 35778016
VAT ID No: SK2020255787
Business Register: Obchodny register Okresného súdu Bratislava I
Oddiel: Sa Vložka: 20751/B

Subject of trade

  • the purchase of various goods for resale, and sale within the framework of free sole trading,
  • the preparation or other processing of bought or sold goods within the framework of free sole trading,
  • the trading in valuepapers and their derivatives,
  • the trading in chemical substances and pharmaceuticals,
  • the arrangement of third party concerns,
  • provision and intermediary services,
  • the provision of leasing for legal and natural persons,
  • the provision of transport services regarding the subject of trade, intermediary transport activities,
  • advisory and consultative activities in the computer field,
  • the provision of software,
  • the sale of ready-made programs on the basis of a contract with the creators, or the production of programs to order,
  • the operation of a ski-lift,
  • guest services, accommodation and catering,
  • the trading in military material in the scope according the permission conceded in due Slovak Low No.: 179/1998
  • the purchase and sale of waste, without the use of intermediary storage, project, construction, and maintenance services in the field of heat-resistant materials, and their application in furnace assemblies
  • the organisation of seminars and conferences - conference service
  • the operation of physical education facilities serving regeneration and conditioning
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